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Our integrated, turn-key and technology-enabled multichannel marketing solutions are designed to address the full lifecycle of a life science brand.

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Our most recent solution, Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) has continued D+R LATHIAN’s evolution as a premier provider of marketing solutions to the life sciences industry. Our CEP now provides customers with a smart marketing hub that enables sophisticated HCP targeting and segmentation driven by established best practices and continuous refinement in tactics, cadence and channel.

Our CEP provides a suite of technology-enabled marketing solutions and serves as both the bridge between the sales force and non-personal multichannel marketing campaigns and an event-driven provider of “white space” coverage. It allows for a unique, yet consistent and effective experience for all targets and provides continuous reach, gap coverage, geo-targeting and custom segmentation.

The CEP model aims to:

  • Uniquely identify targets and their dispositions to the brand,
  • Measure all touch points, whether personal or non-personal,
  • Continually make effective use of tactics via data-driven marketing, and
  • Use non-personal responses to trigger personal communication with targets.

It’s as much about what you learn as what you know.

Since 1999, D+R LATHIAN has been a leader in the online revolution of eDetailing. And we continue to innovate today. We continually leverage the increasing bandwidth and the migration to mobile to deliver powerfully engaging content. Creative narratives using KOL presentations and interactive data review are carefully crafted to deliver unique learning experiences on screens both large and small.

We don’t pretend to have all the answers. That’s why we strategically develop our programs to be highly interactive learning experiences for both your physicians and yourself. The results are more than just clicks… you get actionable insights for your brand.

Our custom high impact mail campaigns consistently deliver reach, frequency and engagement through award-winning creative, compelling calls-to-action and opt-ins for response tracking and relationship-building fulfillment.

A sample direct mail campaign could include several different custom impact vehicles (both flat and dimensional), such as:

  • TIER I: Short Fold, Zip Strip and Flip-Flops
  • TIER II: Pop Up, Sliding Window and Scratch-Offs
  • TIER III: Pillow Pack, Gate Fold and Iris
  • TIER IV: Acetate, Magic Window and Dioramas
  • TIER V: Sound Chip, Video and LED lights

Most mailers also include pre-populated business reply cards to track responses via scanner code or hard key data entry.

Stay in touch with a personal touch. Open the door to deeper engagement.

We believe email should be managed as a smart and respectful channel of communication. So we’ve devised special customer segmentation techniques that ensure your message gets to the most appropriate recipients in an appropriate cadence. Of course, each email is personalized so each of your physicians is spoken to as an individual.

We recommend touch points that take you further than the bottom of the message. We see it as the potential beginning of a longer conversation. That’s why we recommend building in links as bridges to video experiences, deeper content or immediate requests for your brand.

Fax Blasts

It’s a fact: the office fax still remains a central communication hub in most medical practices. Used strategically, this makes it a very valuable channel to reach your customers.

Sometimes you’ve got big news and it just can’t wait! A printed piece may take too long to get into the right hands. However, words printed on paper are 4 times easier for the human brain to comprehend than words on screen. This might be a time to use this effective channel in your multichannel program.

You may think fax blasts are just a one-way conversation. However, crafted with strong incentives, this can be a surprisingly strong response-driven channel. A recent fax campaign, offering samples, generated a cumulative response rate of 17.35%! With that comes the opportunity for further engagement with your brand.